Bella Ramirez is a 17-year-old from Florida. Since seventh grade, Ramirez has pursued her passion in media and storytelling. Ramirez is a proud founding member of Pressing the Future, editor-in-chief and founder of the online French newspaper Le Patriote Parisien (@lepatrioteparisien), entertainment editor/assistant editor-in-chief of Patriot Post newsmagazine (@ipatriotpost) and assistant entertainment executive producer of WAHS News (@wahs_news) and co-creator of the weekly WAHSertainment show. Besides journalism, Ramirez pursues storytelling through film and spent her past summer working on a superhero charity film called "The Adventures of Mister Perfect and Friends"(@tampafmovie). Ramirez believes this is only the prologue of her story and is excited to see how the rest of her "super" story unfolds in the coming years.

Sam Seliger is a senior at Howard High School in Ellicott City, MD, and will attend Columbia University in the fall of 2020. He is the copy editor for his school newspaper, The Howard Lion's Tale, and a former intern for local paper the Guilford Gazette. Seliger began writing about music for the youth-run digital magazine “CutxSewn” in January 2018, before joining Pressing the Future. He has earned recognition for his music documentaries, most notably as a finalist in the 2018 All-American High School Film Festival.

Olivia Lloyd is a journalist born and raised in South Florida. She graduated from American Heritage School in Plantation, FL in 2019, and now attends Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. She has a passion for both creative and journalistic writing, and in high school held editor positions on her yearbook and news magazine staffs.

As a teenager, Olivia Branan is always aware of the world around her. She believes that teens are the future, so staying up to date with current events is key. Branan finds that journalism is fundamental to our society, which is why she is so passionate about it. Spreading the news has been important to her ever since she was young; she has previously worked as a TIME For Kids reporter and currently writes a blog. Her career goal is to become an investigative journalist.

Siggy Kahama resides in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania as the founder of a research program at his school that collects and evaluates student data regarding their interests and aspirations. Kahama occupies his days gaining new skills in sciences and the performing arts, and enjoys spending his free time participating in socially-engaged clubs such as Model United Nations and Rotary, as well as performing in musicals and plays at his school and local theatre. Kahama hopes to use his knowledge of writing to efficiently research and report about the latest discoveries in cognitive and analytical science, together with sharing his opinions on how these developments affect society.

Karuna Savoie is a writer and journalist from New Jersey, and a freshman at American University. Her work ranges from articles on political issues to fiction stories, like her middle-grade novel, “The Lore of Ramridge.” Karuna writes for the University’s investigative publication AWOL (American Way of Life). She loves learning languages like Hindi and German, and in her free time, enjoys baking and skateboarding.

Ariella Zagorsky is a rising freshman at Washington University in St. Louis. She loves to read and write, and was Editor-in-Chief of her high school newspaper. Ariella enjoys traveling and writing about different peoples' lives and cultures, as well as creating new worlds through her writing. She is so excited to be on the staff for Pressing the Future and is ready to start changing the world one word at a time.

Jasmine Wilson lives in Howard County, Maryland. She is an avid runner and participates in three seasons of sports: cross country, winter track and spring track. She is also a black belt in karate. As a member of her school's Delta Scholars chapter, she participates in various services projects throughout the county and beyond. Jasmine has won her school spelling bee four years in a row, and placed eighth in the county bee in 2017. While Jasmine writes about a variety of topics, she hopes to bring special attention to marginalized communities and inspire change in the world around her through her writing.

Diana Piper

Diana Piper is a Swedish-British journalist currently living in Silicon Valley. She has written for The Daily Californian, Youngzine and The Phoenix (her high school newspaper, where she has been an editor for 2 years). She has also edited articles for The Borgen Project magazine, and won various honors for her journalism and poetry. In her free time, she enjoys reading, dancing ballet, and knitting.

Owen Jarvis

Owen Jarvis is a student at Riverview High School in New Brunswick Canada. They developed an interest in music journalism after writing essay on rock history in music class. Owen comes from a music family, with their grandfather being a well-known fiddle player, and their uncle and cousin being prominent bassists. Owen prides themself on their ability to do in-depth research on music and music history. They play both bass and guitar and plans to join a band in high school.

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