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Bella Ramirez is a 15-year-old from Florida. She has been involved in publications since seventh grade, with titles ranging from Academics Editor of the Eagle Eye, Editor-in-Chief of the Eagle Eye and Pioneer Pages, Student Life Editor of Spotlight Yearbook, Features Editor of PatriotPost and Junior Reporter of WAHS. Her works have been published in each publication and Expressions Literary Magazine, Broward Area’s Sports and Recreation Magazine, Medium and UF SMI. Ramirez also appeared on Radio 610 WIOD and CBS 4 Miami for her activism. The kindness and passion she receives from her friends and colleagues is her inspiration to always work hard.

Olivia Lloyd is a journalist born and raised in South Florida. She graduated from American Heritage in Plantation and will attend Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism beginning fall 2019. She has a passion for both creative and journalistic writing, and in high school held editor positions on her yearbook and news magazine staffs.

An avid enthusiast for the potential of the written word, Angela Yang discovered her passion for journalism after stumbling into the world of the fourth estate freshman year of high school. She now devotes her time to reporting for, editing and laying out her monthly student newspaper. Her writing also takes a casual form in poetry, her personal blog and her debut book, Lessons Learned by Sixteen. In future years, Yang aims to relentlessly pursue the field of journalism despite the challenges presented by an epochal dawn of digital media.

As a teenager, Olivia Branan is always aware of the world around her. She believes that teens are the future, so staying up to date with current events is key. Branan finds that journalism is fundamental to our society, which is why she is so passionate about it. Spreading the news has been important to her ever since she was young; she has previously worked as a TIME For Kids reporter and currently writes a blog. Her career goal is to become an investigative journalist.

Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, 17-year-old Cipora Cohon longs for city life, preferably on the East Coast. Growing up in a Jewish kitchen, she is committed to the idea of participating in a Jewish Food Network show. She splits her free time between singing for two choirs, baking at a local café and running around backstage for her school's theatre program. After winning her school district's poetry contest for a satirical poem on communism, Cohon decided to pursue writing as a career in one of the only ways she knew how: through food. Her biggest triumph has been producing a good loaf of sourdough from her self-made starter.

Sam Seliger came to journalism after a school history project in eighth grade sparked his interest in documentary filmmaking. A musician and avid music lover, he has been playing guitar for ten years and singing for six. He began writing about music for the youth-run digital magazine “CutxSewn” in January 2018, before joining Pressing the Future. Sam has earned recognition for his music documentaries, most notable as a finalist in the 2018 All-American High School Film Festival.

Siggy Kahama resides in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania as the founder of a research program at his school that collects and evaluates student data regarding their interests and aspirations. Kahama occupies his days gaining new skills in sciences and the performing arts, and enjoys spending his free time participating in socially-engaged clubs such as Model United Nations and Rotary, as well as performing in musicals and plays at his school and local theatre. Kahama hopes to use his knowledge of writing to efficiently research and report about the latest discoveries in cognitive and analytical science, together with sharing his opinions on how these developments affect society.

Emma Gampper is a girl from New Jersey who joined her school newspaper freshman year of high school and has been in love with journalism ever since. She loves using her voice to shed light on issues that impact those around her. When she is not napping or writing, Gampper likes to spend her time reading, hanging out with friends or playing with her dog.

Hannah Robbins is a 17-year old aspiring writer from California. She is especially interested in entertainment and international affairs. When she isn't writing for Pressing the Future, Robbins is most likely either editing for her school's international magazine or coaching gymnastics.

Ariella Zagorsky is a junior at Edgemont Jr./Sr. High school in New York. She loves to read and write, and she is the Junior High editor for her school's newspaper. She is a member of her school's Model UN team, and is president of the MOGO club, which works to spread goodness, socially and environmentally, through community service projects. Ariella enjoys traveling and writing about different peoples' lives and cultures, as well as creating new worlds through her writing. When she is not furiously writing in a notebook, she loves to play tennis and participate in her school's musical theater productions. Ariella is so excited to be on the staff for Pressing the Future, and is ready to start changing the world one word at a time.

Karuna is a junior in high school and writer who lives in New Jersey. Her work ranges from articles on political issues to fiction stories, and is an up-and-coming author of a middle-grade novella. She loves practicing speaking Hindi with her mother, as well as learning other languages. In her free time, Karuna loves to bake and skateboard, and aspires to be a published novelist.

Josie Morss, a 17-year-old Minnesotan native is a self-identified “Golden Girls” enthusiast, a music hog and undoubtedly a dog fiend. The art of writing has possessed her heart and spirit from a tender age, which led her to embark on little home projects of creating her own newspaper, writing various creative stories and being published in local papers. Today, Josie fuels her journalistic passion aboard her school’s North Star newspaper staff as editor-in-chief, as well as using her writing abilities as this year's yearbook editor. She hopes to pursue a future career as a journalist, and with every interview, every article, every opportunity, she gets closer and closer to her desired profession and life.

Fiona Murphy lives in Northern California. She is an artist and the News Editor for her school newspaper the Pepperbox. Murphy has published political cartoons in this paper and greatly enjoys the processes of layout and design. She is very politically active and organized her local March For Our Lives. Murphy is going on exchange to Spain next year and hopes to become bilingual to engage with a more diverse range of people.

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