iOS 12: The future of Apple

June 14, 2018

NEWS- The next iOS update for the iPad, iPhone and iPod has been rumored to be in development since the release of the iPhone X and now it is here. The official preview of the latest operating system was announced on June 4 during the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose, CA.


The iOS 12 heavily focuses on fixing all the performance and stability issues that came along with iOS 11. Now, simple acts that you do every day such as typing on your keyboard or launching your camera app have become much easier and faster with the the speed for camera launching increasing by 70 percent and keyboard typing display speed increasing by 50 percent. Let’s have a look at all the other new features that iOS 12 brings all our devices ranging from the iPhone 5S to the iPhone X.

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Features available


New Animojis

The augmented reality emojis that Apple introduced along with the iPhone X have gotten an extension. The upgrade makes the animojis easier to navigate. Animojis have also been introduced to the new iPads that will most likely have a true depth camera, the same feature that allows the iPhone X to have Face ID. Animoji has also been introduced to FaceTime, allowing iPhone users to use the interactive emojis while making a video call.



The photo app has now been revamped with new features like a “for you” tab that allows you to find your shared albums, memories and best moments all in one place. This tab will also make suggestions for filters and effects to make your pictures appear better. Sharing photos has also become easier, as a sharing suggestion feature has been made in which Apple will suggest photos that were taken with others on a trip or during an event to send to all your friends and family, a feature that builds up on the facial recognition feature implemented in previous operating systems. Locating your photos from specific events is easier through the new location search feature. This enables you to search specific photos from where you took it. These searches can be as generic or specific as you please.



The iOS 12 introduces new notifications that make your life easier. Notifications on iOS 12 are grouped by topic discussions and threads, making it easier to decide if the messages are worth opening and responding to at that moment. There is also a new feature named “instant tuning,” which allows you to change your notification settings without actually leaving the app you are currently using. Instant tuning also gives you the option to have your notifications delivered silently so you are not interrupted by alerts.


Siri Upgrade

With all the new artificial intelligence competition such as Alexa and Google Assistant, Siri has been left looking fairly outdated, and Apple has taken notice. Siri has become sharper and more aware of your everyday activities. Siri is now able to learn your routines and will supply you with shortcuts for what you need and the specific time that you need it, even when your screen is off. Siri’s diet knowledge has also improved. It is now able to answer any questions you might have about food and get it from the USDA database.



The biggest upgrade to FaceTime that everyone has been begging Apple for has now arrived: group FaceTime. Calls can now be made with up to 32 other people at the same time. A new feature called focus view will also put the speaker in the center of the screen. If you want to see a specific person, you can just double tap on their screen and their screen will enlarge. Group FaceTime will also be connected with group messages, as you will now be able to call certain group from group chats.

Augmented Reality


The feature that Apple added with iOS 11 and the iPhone 8 and iPhone X has now improved. AR experiences are now fixed to real time and locations. You will actually be able to see other AR art pieces made by others at certain locations. Apple has even attempted to make AR seem more life-like by making augmented reality objects reflect real world scenery. There will even by a measuring app that allows you to measure distances and lengths of different objects.


The iOS 12 is still currently in beta and is available for download by any iPhone, iPad or iPod users. The official release of the new operating system will accompany the new iPhones that are usually released in September.







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