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June 14, 2018

NEWS- The next iOS update for the iPad, iPhone and iPod has been rumored to be in development since the release of the iPhone X and now it is here. The official preview of the latest operating system was announced on June 4 during the annual Worldwide Developers Confer...

June 14, 2018

Photo courtesy of Greenlight Insights 

NEWS- Have you ever wanted to experience a world of your own creation? Do you ever wish that you were in some of your favorite video games? Well, now it is a possibility. At VR Zone Shinjuku, everyone age 7 and up can spend an...

June 14, 2018

Photo courtesy of CNET 

REVIEW- The new OnePlus 6 phone, that was announced less than a month ago, is already being sold out in the U.S. and U.K. markets. Arriving only six months after the release of the OnePlus 5T, the new phone has new features such as an updated ope...

June 14, 2018

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NEWS- In 1910, the first state law banning drunk driving was implemented in the United States. Since then, it has practically become second nature to ensure that drivers are always sober behind the wheel. Now, the skies are going to be watche...

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