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Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?

We collect the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer you use to access the site through visitor analysis apps. The apps also show us approximate location, browser, visited pages, time on page, device, OS and status (returning or new visitor). We also can collect your social media account if you choose to comment on posts. Social media accounts that may be collected by your comments may be Twitter, Facebook or Google plus. We do not collect these automatically, they are only submitted if you log into them when you comment. We can also collect your name, email and/or phone number if you choose to include them if you send us a message on the “About Us” page. Your email will be collected and stored in our contact list if you choose to sign up for our newsletter. We also collect the history of keywords searched in the search bar over the past week.


How do we collect information?

Through use of Wix Apps including Visitor Analytics (GDPR compliant), Site Search and Google Analytics to analyze our audience. This only teaches us what news we should cover more so we can cater to you. Our site also uses cookies, these can be managed when you click on “Secure” in the left hand corner of your browser if you use Chrome. We also collect information through forms and comments.


Why do we collect this information?

At first glance it may seem like we collect a lot of information. However, we collect it to see what topics are an audience favorite and to continue producing articles and media that will be enjoyed more by our viewers- you! In the future we also plan on using the information to help us sell ads to keep our website running. The information will be used to show how many viewers we have in a given area, a statistic ad buyers usually require. We also collect email addresses so we can send you our newsletters or respond to your questions. The social media accounts are only used to identify yourself in the comments.


How do we use and share this information?

As previously stated, we plan on giving prospective ad buyers statistics on how big our audience is in a certain area. Based on where most of our audience is we will also gear articles to be focused on news in that area.


How do we communicate to site visitors?

Besides the articles written by our wonderful staff, we also communicate through newsletters that you can choose to sign up for and we have social media accounts that site visitors can choose to visit and communicate with as well.


Do we use cookies?

Yes, cookies help us find out all the information we need to cater to you! If you wish to identify these cookies go to our website on chrome and click “Secure”, then click “Cookies” to see what cookies we use.


How do we store information?

All information is stored on either our wix platform “Installed Apps” section or on our contacts list.


By being on our website you are automatically agreeing to the usage of cookies on the site and other ways of collecting information. If you choose to send us other information, we have the right to store it in our records. We also regard the right to change or update our privacy policy. By being on the site you also agree to this.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy or your own privacy please feel free to contact us at Feel free to contact us if you wish to erase yourself from our data or wish to not be included in our statistics we tell prospective ad buyers.


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