Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Author: Angela Yang

Photo courtesy of TeePublic

I didn’t report. At age 11 my instinct told me to chain The memories down to suppress any pain That might find root in these episodes of horror Had I dared to utter what I was forced to harbor. Expel it all from mind so nothing’s there to haunt me. Pretend to understand as he insists he’s sorry. When the next monster crept up from underneath my bed I‘d grown too accustomed to comprehend my dread That later consumed me as the years flew by. Wrapped in my cloak of silence I only yearned to fly— Not only would the humiliation leave me numb, Unveiling truth leaves me powerless to what could come. Fear stemmed the tides of my vocal cord waves But the alternative promised more than I could brave. Your black-and-white reasoning in that snide retort Fails to grasp why I didn’t report.

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