"Superorganism"’s Debut

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Author: Sophie Gilbert

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ALBUM REVIEW- No descriptor of indie band Superorganism is better than the band name itself; each song sounds like it is coming from a singular, well, organism. Each unconventional instrument or unique melody simply adds another part to the whole. The band has managed to craft an original sound that, while some find overbearing, I believe is wholly refreshing and showcased well in their debut album.

The eight-member band came together in 2017, consisting of members from the U.K., Korea and Maine. After releasing five singles paired with hypnotic visuals on YouTube, they released their debut album, “Superorganism,” on March 2nd, 2018 to general critical approval.

Upon first listen, “Superorganism” is a blur of ups and downs, varying emotions tied together through a steady, eccentric sound. Superorganism’s debut album skillfully combines poppy earworms like “Everybody Wants to be Famous” and “Something for your M.I.N.D.” with less conventional tunes like the ethereal “It’s All Good” or quirky anthem “The Prawn Song.” The album’s high points lie in the instrumentation, from its catchy beats to unexpected non-instruments, such as the sound of crunching apples or alarm clocks. The lead vocalist’s much more low-key voice helps balance out the instrumentation. While her vocals are not the most dynamic, they are exactly what the band needs to pair with its eclectic sound.

My main issue with this album is that Superorganism’s eccentricity itself can become repetitive. However unusual their sonic choices may be, anything can get monotonous when repeated track after track. The style is unique, but a few tracks across the album could use a bit more differentiation, both in terms of theme and instrumentation. Nevertheless, this lack of variety only makes me want to hear more from Superorganism. Now that they have used their debut album to clearly establish their own distinct sound, they are free to branch out more, and I am excited to see where they go next.

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