Open Letter to President Trump on Border Camps

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Author: Emma Gampper

Photo Courtesy of USA Today

Dear President Trump,

Why did it seem like a good idea to separate parents from their children and shove them into cages? At this point, a majority of people have seen the letters, and many of them have also seen pictures detailing the cruel environment these kids are kept in. The audio footage displays the heart-wrenching cries of the children as they plea for their parents. Children separated from their parents without understanding why. Instead of entering a new country full of freedom and opportunity, they enter a country full of cages and uncertainty.

You have an immigrant wife and a Jewish son-in-law, yet you never stopped to consider that separating families might not have been the best choice. When Melania first entered the country she had much in common with the children crossing the border. She was a young immigrant who came to this country with her parents in order to live a better life. These kids are exactly like her. They come to America with no malicious intent, only hope for a better future. You have taken that from them and instead separated them from their families, a familiar presence in a strange new country, crushing their hopes and dreams in the process. Jared Kushner is Jewish, but did you ever stop to think that your Jewish son-in-law might find the action you’ve taken at the border to be similar to concentration camps during the Holocaust?

If anything can be proven by your actions, Mr. President, it is that history repeats itself. Back in 1942 over 100,000 Japanese-

Americans were shoved into internment camps solely because Americans were afraid of them. The children in cages at the border are only there because we are afraid of them. If Americans were not afraid there would be no need to put children in cages and separate them from their families. Actions that would be considered inhumane if done to our own people are being done to those from another country with little to no second thought on your end, Mr. President.

In fact, nothing about this seemed morally incorrect until news of the gross mistreatment of children reached the public. Then and only then did anyone up on Capitol Hill stop to think, ‘Hey, maybe we should not put kids in cages.” It took public outcry for you to sign an executive order to stop this when it should have never happened in the first place. Even now, you have not promised that every child will be reunited with their parents. Instead you only comment that they will be reunited “eventually.” When is eventually? Is it in days? Weeks? Months? Years? You use a vague word such as “eventually” so you are now no longer responsible for reuniting these families. Eventually is such a vague term that children could finally find their parents years down the line and it would still be okay in your mind. By not assigning a time frame, you have fooled yourself into a mindset of plausible deniability. While you may not hold yourself responsible for the actions you and your administration took at the border, I, and numerous other Americans, will.


Emma Gampper

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