Frail American Dream

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Author: Bella Ramirez

POETRY- His heart, passion staining the walls,

These are his hopes and this is his fall.

This is misfortune and death, each set in the past,

This is how he is the last…

This is the story of a lonely man, an old and depressed man without a plan.

This is the story of the vivacious old lady.

How she joked, cried and was never afraid.

Look at her laugh, lipstick affray,

Look at the way she tries to stay.

Here and there she turns in air.

Blessing the light and eyes of all.

Look at the way she brightens the world,

Look at how divorce broke her fall.

This is the story of them all.

Look at them laugh, look at them call.

Look how they pray and fear and cry,

Look how they never say goodbye.

Look at their journey, short and long.

Look at the piercing reality of life lived wrong.

Different ways they slept at night,

Survivors of a long fight.

Look at how they are hurt yet perfect.

Perfectly broken in ashes of dreams,

Fraying at the edges and ripping at the seams.

Look how they break and crack,

Look at all they lack.

Welcome to the American Dream.

Impossibility and fear reign supreme.

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