American Individuality

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Author: Cipora Cohon

Rows of copiers line the room,

each slightly different but all with the same purpose.

They didn’t begin this way.

Each copier began as something else,

but the persistent hammering and rewiring

has left thousands of copiers,

mass-produced and sent across the world

to do the one thing they now know how to do.


They are given hundreds, thousands of files each week.

Scan this, copy that.

You know what? Make 10.

That document from yesterday? Spit it out for me.

Fill in the blanks.

Copy what I say, and nothing else.

Work until they break down,

then repaired and put back on the line.

There is no pause

for us.

If one tries to spread out, create something new

rather than continue copying,

it is shut down,

pounded back into formation,

so it can copy once more.

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