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Those interested in applying to join Pressing the Future should email with a one-page resume, two to three examples of their work and written answers to the following questions (please limit answers to one paragraph each):


  1. Why do you want to join our staff?

  2. What skills do you offer to PTF?

  3. Is there a specific topic you would like to cover or kind of writing you would like to do? If so, why?

  4. What position are you applying for (staff writer, multimedia, etc), and why do you want it? (If you are looking to hold a leadership position, mention that here)

  5. How much time can you commit to PTF each month? What major time constraints do you have, if any?

  6. How did you find out about Pressing the Future?

Note: We accept guest columns and pieces. Those interested in writing a guest piece must email a paragraph pitch for the story and a maximum 120-word bio. A pitch is a proposal for a specific story stating the topic, angle and why you should write the piece. We are welcome to any questions regarding the guest column process if you are interested, feel free to email.


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